Cookie Program
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Girl Scout Pride

Booth sale rules say you must be in at least a Girl Scout t-shirt and vest/sash/smock to run a legal cookie booth, but a full uniform represents you and ensures the public sees proud young women. Girl Scouts at each level wear one required element (tunic, sash, or vest) to display official pins and awards. Girls can mix and match the official Girl Scout collection pieces to complete the full uniform. When you wear your uniform with pride, the world notices. So, we made a patch for our staff and teams to have with them at all times to honor you when they find you wearing your full uniform at your cookie booth. Five winners, one troop per region, will win $1,000 in I Cares on the last day of the cookie program!


Marketing Magician

We LOVE a booth that says WOW. This patch is available in our shops to show your marketing magic at your booths, but did you know we also have a contest each week? During the cookie sale, we will pick one winner per week for a prize of $1000 in I Cares purchased from your troop. We will have a new theme and contests to enter each week by dropping a photo of you at your booth into the Weekly Post's comment stream. Visit


Empowering Entrepreneurs

We have never asked adults to wear full uniforms at cookie booths, but we know we all lead by example, and seeing you in your uniform inspires our girls to do the same! This year, we have patches for YOU!!! If we find you in uniform, you will receive a special patch AND be entered to win some fantastic prizes – like dinner and a movie, or other amazing things.


Wacky Weather

Sometimes, Mother Nature decides she has things to do that do not jive with cookie sales. When our girls get out there and run their business despite Mother Nature’s plans, we will activate “Wacky Weather” and randomly gift 10 troops $100 in I Cares each time we activate!


Kindness Counts

As adults, we lead by example, ensuring our young women see the behavior we wish to emulate and that kindness and empathy matter. When you see other adults acting this way, nominate them for a Kindness Counts Patch!

Nominate someone TODAY! From 12/1/23 – 3/18/24