Forms and Documents
11 Available
  1. Annual form for submitting Troop Financial Information
  2. Girl Permission Slip to participate in troop activity.
  3. Girl Scout Health Record for Girl Members and Troops.
  4. Adult troop leader's health history.
  5. Intent to Event Application and Procedure.
  6. Money Earning Activity Request Application.
  7. Safety Activity Checkpoints for Troop Leaders.
  8. GSSGC Policies & Procedures approved February 16, 2022
  9. Volunteer Essentials 2019-2020 GSUSA
  10. Approval process for higher risk/unusual activities
  11. Request to Open/Close or Change Troop Bank Account
Banked Dough & Check Request Forms: 5 Available
  1. Banking Dough Agreement for Camp, ETT, School Package.
  2. check request for ETT - Extended Troop Trip
  3. Check Request for School Package
  4. Check Request for Camp
  5. Transferring Banked Dough