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Covid 19 Update for Summer 2020

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic is a situation that continues to change rapidly, and like all organizations, we have had to make decisions to best support the health and safety of our girls, volunteers and staff.

Summer camp has long been a cherished tradition for Girl Scouts everywhere and we know our girls have been looking forward to the fun and adventures of camping. However, the uncertainties brought about by COVID-19 have led Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio (GSSGC) to cancel all 2020 summer camp programs, events, outings and adventure through the end of August.

GSSGC will continue to closely monitor the situation and, if it becomes safe to do so, will reopen the camps in whatever capacity may be appropriate and possible.

All families that have registered for resident or day camp sessions will be given the option to roll over funds, bank dough, donate to girls in need or request a full refund. In addition, these families will be given priority to register for a camp session if we find it safe to reopen later in the summer.

Additionally, Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio will be offering new virtual camp programming opportunities called Camp Anywhere to help girls stay engaged with each other and experience a taste of camp during these unusual times. We hope you'll join us for some camp fun!


Camp 2020 FAQs

My daughter is registered for camp, how will we receive a refund?

Camper families have the option to request that their camp funds be:

  • Applied to a new Camp From Anywhere experience this summer (when announced)
  • Applied to camp 2021
  • Donated! All or a portion of your refund can be donated and each dollar given will be matched by a generous donor allowing your gift to go twice as far with our Friends Supporting Friends fund.
  • Fully refunded, including your deposit*

*Refunds will be returned to the original form of payment used. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Deadline to request refunds is July 1. All funds not requested by July 1st will automatically be rolled over for use in a later event or 2021 camp session.

Fill out the Covid 19 Cancelled Submission Form to begin the process.


Friends Supporting Friends Fund

A generous donation has been made to GSSGC girls in the form of a matching donation. Every dollar your girls donate to this fund via utilizing a portion or all of their camp or event registration fees, will be matched dollar for dollar by this donor. What this means is a $50 donation becomes $100 towards helping a Girl Scout during these challenging times. Membership, Uniforms, Camp fees could be paid via this fund for girls in need here at GSSGC.

Fill out the Covid 19 Cancelled Submission Form to donate a portion or all of your refund.


What if my Girl Scout earned Cookie Adventurer 5 days or resident camp in the 2020 cookie program? 

Each girls' family - who earned this reward, was contacted directly in April alerting them to the fact that if they wanted to roll their earned reward to 2021 they were welcome to do so, OR if they wanted to change out their reward for one of the other rewards at that level i.e.; 2 extra Cookie Boss tickets or a sewing machine, that they could do so by May 1st. This continues to be the messaging, moreover they may use their reward to pay for 5 weeks of our new Girl Scouts Anywhere offered camp and adventure boxes.

Fill out the Covid 19 Cancelled Submission Form for what you would like to do with your Camp Adventurer.


What about my daughters “SWAG” that comes with her 5 day camp session? 

This will be distributed with this year’s cookie reward distribution. Your troop will be contacted when all cookie rewards are ready for distribution.


What if we used our Nutty or Cookie Dough or Troop Loot?

  1. Your Nutty/ Cookie dough will go back on your original card. While due to current circumstances we are extending the original expiration date of the card, it would still need to be used rather quickly.
  2. You can use your dough towards next summer.  Keep the “double your nutty dough” amount by choosing "rollover."

PLEASE NOTE: If you had already canceled your camp session, you can no longer retain the "double your nutty dough" option. Refunds have already been processed for those instances and will not be adjusted any further.

Fill out the Covid 19 Cancelled Submission Form


What about camp T-shirts?

Camp T-shirts will be honored with a fun nod to the camp session that wasn’t. These will be distributed via curbside pick-up based on t-shirt size ordered, and for those who had paid for registration. Information to come on pick up dates once orders have arrived.


What if we earned a free Sweatshirt for registering early?

We will not be honoring those “free” sweatshirts as these registrations are being canceled. However, we are issuing a $10 off certificate for those who would have been receiving these. How do you acquire that certificate? You will receive it when you fill out the wufoo. When will they be available?  They will be available for curbside pickup from our shops when the sweatshirts arrive. You will be contacted at that time. Information to come on pick up dates once orders have arrived.


Will the super cute Camp Care Package still be available even though “in person” camp has been canceled?

Absolutely! We are still having camp simply held differently this year. Moreover, no decisions have been made about fall and winter camps and that fantastic camp care package is simply perfect for then, or now on your couch!

Check out all the Fun Gear and Order Your Camp Care Package Today!


Will ALL events, in person activaties and reward trips be cancelled?

Absolutely, ALL in person activities through September 1st are cancelled. If we see things are improving and we feel our girls, volunteers - staff are safe to begin meeting, we will change this communication.

Covid-19 Canceled Submission Form

Please use the Covid-19 Cancelled Submission Form to indicate if you'd like to  roll over funds, bank dough, donate to girls in need or request a full refund.  




Camp Anywhere Internal Hero

Camp Anywhere

Mark your Calendars for Girl Scout Summer Programs!

Girl Scouts has been creating all girl spaces for over 100 years.  In these unusual times, GSSGC has reimagined what summer programs can look like so we can keep our girls and their families as safe as possible.  Join us for one or more of the Girl Scout programs that are right for you!

Find out more about our new Camp Anywhere offerings!


Camp Life Graphic with GSSGC Trefoil

Explore the Outdoors

The Outdoors is awesome! Join us as we develop environmental stewdarship in the next generation.

At camp, girls can build a tent, build a campfire, build a life-long friendship. That’s what camp life is all about… and that’s just the beginning. Under the stars and outdoors girls learn to lead and make memories. They find mentors and become mentors.  

Through our environmental education programs, the focus is on 21st learning skills, connecting students to the outdoors, and envirnomental education.

The experience of a lifetime is waiting at camp. So, what are you waiting for?


Summer & Weekend Camps

When you think camp, don’t just think summer adventures, think all year. GSSGC has so many new and exciting adventures waiting for you any season you like. Our camps are open to all girls from grades K-12, and whether it be a weekend away with your friends or family, or a summer-themed session, there’s something for every girl. Starting in 2nd grade, girls can even experience sleep-away camp by themselves or with a buddy. Not quite ready for a full week of camp excitement? Don’t worry, we have weekend sessions that give a taste of camp for a girls, parents and troop leaders. Ready to sign up or learn more? Visit our Sleep-Away Camps page or our Day & Weekend Camps page for more information!

All activities, food and lodging are included in camp pricing.

Day Camps

Every day is full of adventure and exploration at day camp! With options offered throughout our Council area, all girls ages 6-14 have the opportunity for fun, even if they’re not a Girl Scout yet. Most day camps are led by our amazing Volunteers and can include anything from outdoor skills to STEM to earning badges! Almost anything a girl can want to experience can be found at day camp. Want to join the fun? Visit our Day & Weekend Camps page for all our exciting day camps!

Want to Volunteer?
If you would like to lead a Day Camp in your area, we would love to work with you – training and support is available! This is a great opportunity for Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Troops. Please contact to get more information or call (909) 748-7229.

Troop and Service Unit Camps

Troop camping is a great way to learn and grow with friends and have fun at the same time. Troops and Service Units have year-round opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors in any of our camp facilities. From Archery to Orienteering and everything in between, we can tailor an experience to fit your group’s needs. We’ve got you covered whether you want to plan your own programming, meals and supplies or have one of our trained camp staff help you do so. We can even provide all the meals and program supplies! Visit our Camp Properties page to get started today!

Environmental Education Overnight (School or other Groups)

New opportunities are available for more participants to enjoy the beauty and adventure at Skyland Ranch! GSSGC is excited to announce the start of Environmental Education Programs at Skyland Ranch. 

Bring your troop or class to the beautiful San Jacinto Mountains for an overnight outdoor adventure for an afternoon or an overnight.  Most programs are three to five days. You select your preferred program topics to create a customized class or troop trip.  Minimum group size 16.  Field Trips (day programs) starting now; Overnight trips starting in February.  

Need more information? Check out our Environmental Education Brochure to find out more.

Ready to Book?  ITS SIMPLE:

  1. CLICK on the link:
  2. SELECT "Environmental Education" from list on the left side of the page
  3. SELECT a date from the calendar (***Reminder: Programs start on February 26, 2018. Be sure to select a date after this)
  4. SELECT how many nights your group will be staying 
  5. PICK the first day and last day of your experience
  6. CLICK "reserve"
  7. COMPLETE registration forms



  • $25 off per student if you have a registered Girl Scout attending in your group
  • $40 off per student if registered by December 1st 
  • $35 off for Title One Schools (willing to do evals) 
  • 1 adult free w/ 8 students


Camp-on-the-Go (Travel)

San Gorgonio Girl Scouts

Adventure Awaits!  
Girl Scouts Travel & Do High Adventure.  Travel locally or globally to learn about the world.  Girl Scouts believes in giving girls the opportunity to learn about themselves through travel.  Our council has opportunities for girls to travel with others that you know – or you can travel with GSUSA.  See for local activities such as rafting, destination unknown, and group travel opportunities (Italy in 2019).  Or visit to learn more about opportunities around the world by GSUSA.  Contact to connect with Joyce and learn more.


Out-of-Council Troops

Girl Scouts Across the States
Come visit us in Southern California!  You can come for summer camp and stay for an experience.  Our council offers transportation from the major airports (Ontario or LAX) to camp.  Another option is your troop can sign up for one of the “So-Cal Experiences” now offered which can include transportation, any of the theme parks, and plenty of tours and extra fun. 

We are located about 2 hours from Los Angeles, 1 hour from Orange county (Disneyland), 2 hours from San Diego, 4 hours from Vegas, and 7 hours from San Francisco.  Work with us to plan your next Girl Scout trip including a variety of amusement parks.  Visit GSSGC.ORG/outdoor to learn more.

Find out about council level partnerships between the councils on "Sisters in Scouting" Accordian.


Info & How To's for Summer Resident Camp

ACA Accredited - Yes We Are!

Fun And Safety — ACA Camps Set the Standard
ACA Accreditation means that our resident camps have undergone a thorough (up to 290 standards) review of our operation — from staff qualifications and training to emergency management. American Camp Association® collaborates with experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Red Cross, and other youth-serving agencies to assure that current practices at the camp reflect the most up-to-date, research-based standards in camp operation. Camps and ACA form a partnership that promotes summers of growth and fun in an environment committed to safety.

What’s the difference between state licensing of camps and accreditation by ACA?

Accreditation is voluntary and ACA accreditation assures families that camps have made the commitment to a safe, nurturing environment for their children. Licensing is mandatory and requirements vary from state to state. ACA standards are recognized by courts of law and government regulators as the standards of the camp community.

How do ACA standards exceed state licensing requirements?

ACA goes beyond basic requirements for health, cleanliness, and food service into specific areas of programming, including camp staff from director through counselors, emergency management plans, health care, and management. ACA applies separate standards for activities such as waterfront, horseback riding, and adventure and travel.


What are some of the ACA standards that camps rely on?

·         Staff to camper ratios are appropriate for different age groups

·         Goals for camp activities are developmentally based

·         Emergency transportation available at all times

·         First-aid facilities and trained staff available when campers are present

Why we at GSSGC believe insuring our resident camps are ACA accredited is so important for our resident camps..

ACA Accreditation means that we care enough to undergo a thorough peer review of our operation — from staff qualifications and training to emergency management. American Camp Association collaborates with experts from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Red Cross, and other youth-serving agencies to assure that current practices at our camps reflect the most up-to-date, research-based standards in camp operation. Camps and ACA form a partnership that promotes growth and fun in an environment committed to safety.

Cookie/Nutty Dough (applies to all GSSGC programs)

Congratulations on participating in a succesful enterpernuail progam & finding your success!  

One of the ways Cookie Dough and Nutty Dough may be used is for some of our Girl Scout programs including Camp Azalea Trails, Camp Skyland Ranch, our day camps, and our council STEM programs.

To access your cookie dough use the form when registering for the programs that accept cookie dough or emai

If you are trying to access your cookie dough you earned before you recieve the physical card (as of mid-April) you can do so by doing the following:

  1. Visit the Event Calendar to select the program desired
  2. Complete your registration form
  3. Complete the alternative payment form*
  4. Checkout
  5. Select mail an invoice (the picture of the mailbox)
  6. You are registered - do not mail anything once the card numbers are available you will get a receipt stating your card has been charged – no news is good news; we will call if there is a concern.

*When asked for the card number enter “Cookie Dough 2019.”  If using the new dough you just earned in the spring or enter number on card if you have it in hand.


If you already registered for camp?  You can still access the cookie dough early to pay for the balance on camp.  Please send an email asking to use your 2019 cookie dough card.  Please include the following information:

  • Name of camp
  • Camper’s Name (name on cookie dough)
  • Amount to charge

Please note if you requested that 2019 be used when you registered, we have already taken care of it for you.


Why should you register early?  Spaces are always filling up in all our programs (Girl Scout honor); in order to ensure your daughter has a spot at camp and in our other programs you will want to pay at least $60 to hold her spot; if she doesn’t quite have $60 register with what you have and pay the rest with a credit card or check once you get the link to make a payment.


Why register for camp?  Camp creates memories and is focused on helping kids learn the 21st century skills they need in todays society.  We help kids learn responsibility and leadership in their own lives.  We have programs for girls to attend with a parent (weekend camps) or on their own (4 or 5 day sessions typically M-F).  Some of the great themes for girl on their own include cooking, horseback riding, science (harry potter), super heros, and more.  Check out the programs we have to offer at camp on the Outdoor Program Page or visit the GSSGC calendar.


We look forward to seeing you at camp and our other programs.

Camp Volunteer Opportunities

Remember the smell of roasting marshmallows and the echo of laughter around a campfire? Remember hiking and archery and friendships that never end? Camp is an amazing place to make memories for a girl and you can help make that happen. Adult volunteers are the cornerstone of Girl Scouts and we couldn’t do this without you. Our girls need you. We need you. Bring your knowledge, experience and love of the great outdoors. We promise camp will be just as amazing the second time around, when you’re seeing it through the eyes of a girl.

Opportunities for volunteering include 5-day Summer Camp Sessions, 3-day weekend camps during the school year, Day Camp Director, Camp Volunteer, Special Skill Volunteer, Volunteer Coordinator and more. No experience is necessary for many of these opportunities. All volunteers must be background screened and trained prior to starting.

Need more information? Check out our Camp Volunteer Flyer to find out more.

Ready to get started? Fill out our Camp Volunteer Form today!

Looking for a whole summer of fun? Check out one of our amazing camp job opportunities.

Sisters in Scouting (Girl Scout Council Partners)

All girls are welcome at our camps.  If you need pick-up from the airport please fly in and out of ONT or LAX and contact to arrange pick-up.

If you would like to have your council partner with us please have a council staff member contact Joyce Knoll, Director of STEM & Outdoor Program via  Currently we are partnering with:

Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada has partnered with us again in 2020 to provide girls in Southern Nevada with an experience at Camp Azalea Trails.  There are a variety of session that will include transportation from Las Vegas!  We are finalzing registration opening dates, but you can find them on our event calendar by typing in (NV) - these sessions will not be open until January for registration.  Click on the title for the description on the event calendar.

The Girl Scout Councils of Southern California (Orange County, Greater Los Angeles, San Diego Imperial, and us (San Gorgonio) continue to partner in all we do.  Each council allows girls to experience the camp that is right for them at no additional charge.  In addition, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles is continuing to provide financial assistance for girls to attend Camp Skyland Ranch as funding is available.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

F.A.Q.s for Camp Programs

Can I attend Horse camp at Camp Azalea Trails? At
this time we are looking to move our horse program to Camp
Skyland Ranch. If that is successful that is where you will want to
be to ride horses this summer.

Can we rent Camp Skyland Ranch? Yes. You can rent
Camp Azalea Trails and Camp Wi-Wo-Ca too. Visit the properties section of our website for more information.

How do I register for camp? There are three ways to register: Online, Email
Form, or Paper Registration. To fnd out more about these options
visit our website. No faxed registrations are accepted.

Who are the staff at these camps? Most of our camp counselors are 18-25 years old and are trained in a variety of topics including the Girl Scout mission, expected outcomes, Girl Scout Leadership Experience, child development, safety and risk management, group dynamics, progression,
operating procedures, programming, behavior management, camper supervision, and more.

Who is Tajar? Tajar (pronounced Ta - Jar) is our camp mascot;
come to camp (or stop by our booth at Colorful Dash) to learn
more about her and her crazy antics.

Transportation to Camp? Transportation to individual girl summer resident camps is provided from the Redlands offce as part of camp fee.  If transporation is a problem for you or your camper to attend a weekend camp session please contact to see what arrangements can be made to assist with this need.  For Summer Days at WiWoCa transporation/late pickup is offered at an additional fee.

Refund Policy? Written notifcation is required to cancel from any of our programs. Please see the GSSGC Polices & Procedures for our complete refund policy. Please note a non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot.

More Information? Keep looking around our website at Make
sure to check our website and Facebook for other programs that
are added and more details on camp programs.

Questions? Call 909-307-6555 or Email :  


Camper Confirmations for summer are sent in early April and approximately 2 weeks (or sooner) after a girl registers for a camp session.  If you do not recieve your camper confirmation please email 

 Please note summer camp for individual girls include online health forms; for parent/child events it is paper health histories and photo releases.


Visit the Careers Page for open positions and job descriptions.


Contact Our Camping Team for all your camp needs!