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Camp Skyland Ranch
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Camp Skyland Ranch


Legacy Counts

For more than 70 years Skyland Ranch – the camp that cookies built – has been a special location for women and girls!  One of the first and remaining Girl Scouting camps in the nation, Skyland touches the sky, lofting 5000 feet above the California desert valleys below.

The breeze rustles leaves and tosses needles, songbirds twill, and small mammals scramble across sticks and stones, providing a symphony of sound. The air is free and clear, with clouds billowing overhead. Standing at the edge of a rock ledge, the expanse of the desert below kisses the Salton Sea, fault lines well within view, and Joshua Tree National Park looks back from across the valley floor. At night, a million stars cascade into view, and the pine trees create a canopy of safety.

We honor this special location by caring for a camp facility that maintains the sacred nature of the place alongside offering the best in modern facilities for learning leadership and communication skills, having equestrian experiences, and developing skills in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). By assuring a modern and integrated facility at Skyland Ranch, its stewards – the Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council – are committed to creating and sustaining a location that leads to a unique awareness of the interconnectedness of people and environment.

But Skyland Ranch needs our help. While the natural environment remains spectacular, our facilities no longer match the exceptional location. The Legacy Counts Campaign is established to raise the funds needed to bring camping facilities, outdoor learning environments, sporting opportunities, natural gardens, and horse camp spaces to offer the best in environmental and experiential education to girls for generations to come.