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Adult Awards & Recognitions

Volunteers make Girl Scouting happen! Taking time to thank others is a big part of being a Girl Scout. We hope you’ll take the time to let your fellow leaders know how thankful you are for all the little things – and big – they do every day. We appreciate you and want to celebrate all the good that you’re doing. Adult Awards and Recognitions is where we do that.

Be sure and look through the Recognitions Award Guide to determine the award that best suits your nominee.

When preparing your supporting nomination, we suggest that you review the questions below, type your answers in a WORD document (limit 1200 spaces) and then copy and paste your answers. 

Provide a specific example that illustrates the impact the nominee had on girls and adults in the Girl Scout community. How have they gone "above and beyond" the expectations of the role they are being nominated for?

What specific contributions or support provided by the nominee have you been impressed by?

Please give a specific examples of how the nominee has empowered girls or adults to take on a leadership role, expand their horizons or make a difference in the community.

Tell us a personal story about something the nominee did that impressed you.

Please give a specific examples of how the nominee has empowered girls or adults in more than one region.

Be as specific as possible speaking directly to the criteria of the award. Make sure the supporting nominations you're requesting meet the guidelines of the award. Too many times nominations are discarded because they're missing a girl's support or a board member or the support of a team member. 

Check to see what recognitions they may have already received by viewing historical awards in GSSGC Recognitions History.

Recognitions Award Guide

Nominations typically open August 1st of each year and close December 1st of each year. These dates are subject to change at the discretion of Council and the Council Recognitions Committee.



Picture this: It's August 1st and nominations have opened up for the previous year, but you're trying to remember that encounter you had with Susie Scout at the Service Unit Meeting in October. She helped you with your troop organization, visited your troop with her older girls and even met with you to answer your numerous questions. Hard to remember all that isn't it? It's been 10 months, 2 product seasons, 20 or more troop meetings, at least 10 shopping trips for supplies and countless phone calls.

Well, we have the answer: Caught In The Act. A short 6 question survey that you can fill out immediately after the encounter. Don't worry about saving it or trying to find in next August. We've got you covered. When August rolls around, you'll receive an email from Awards reminding you of Susie Scout and some notes about the encounter. 

Click here to complete "Caught In The Act" and let us remind you so you can guarantee those long ago special moments don't get forgotten.