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Council Kits & Fun Patches

Planning amazing activities for Girl Scout meetings is not easy, but we’re here to help! GSSGC offers amazing patch programs and STEM kits to help you bring the fun and learning to your Girl Scouts each and every time you get together. Check out the options below and look for even more new kits and patches coming soon!

Council Kits
Introduce your troop to STEM with our STEM To-Go Kits. Each kit features materials and instructions for an engaging and amazing STEM experience. STEM Kits will be available to check out from the Redlands office to use at your troop meetings. A $200 deposit will be required to reserve kits and will be refunded once the complete kit is returned to Council.

Circuity Kit

Age Level: Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors
Cost: $25
Easy-to-follow directions and diagrams guide you to complete a circuit to turn on a light, make sound with a buzzer and many more experiences.

Design and Make Kits

Age Level: Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors
Cost: $25
Explore and create with gears, belt drives, conveyors, winches, pulleys, winders, ratchets, and cams.

Little Bits Workshop Kit

Age Level: Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors
Cost: $50
Follow the directions to complete a sample project or use your imagination and see what kind of creations you can build with Little Bits.

Meet a Robot Kit

Age Level: Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors
Cost: $25
Host a robot at your next meeting! Simple directions will allow your robot to tell jokes, dance, or walk with your girls!

Take a Closer Look

Age Level: Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors
Cost: $40
Get up close with science! Check out sample slides or make your own as you explore the microscopic world around you.


California Desert National Monument Patch Program
Girls are invited to get into nature and learn all about the National Monuments in their own backyards through this exciting new patch program! Our California Desert National Monutment Patch Program has four different patches that can lead to four amazing adventures for girls and adults alike. Once the programs are complete, visit our Council Shops to purchase your patches.

California Desert National Monument

Girl Scouts are invited to participate in a variety of existing, organized educational or service projects at the national monuments, or design their own experience or project to align with Journey work, badge activities, or a Take Action or Highest Award project. These patches may also be earned by Girl Scouts by doing the activities for each patch including the one that is mandatory. There are four (4) possible patches to earn in the series. Girls and Adults of all ages may earn the patches; the depth of the learning and conversations would vary based on the age of the girls. The main patch is about the National Monuments generally and then each of the smaller strip patches (rockers) are designed around each of the different National Monuments in our local area: Mojave Trails National Monument; Sand to Snow National Monument, and Castle Mountains National Monument.

California Desert National Monument Patch Program Requirements


Council Fun Patch Programs
Girls love badges, awards and patches and all the amazing experiences that come along with them. That’s why our Council offers our Fun Patch Programs. Through these programs that are unique to our Council, girls can earn more patches to show off on their uniforms. Once programs are complete, visit our Council Shops to purchase your patches.

All About Me

This program is about discovering your own unique beauty and the inner light that shines from only you. Learn to love and nurture yourself, take care of your body and mind, and to connect with others about what is truly important. Discover beauty over time and how other cultures think of beauty. Learn about the perception of women in media. And then…spread the word.
All About Me Patch Requirements

Animal Fun Patch

This patch program will help you to understand the issues with overpopulation and the world of animal rescue. You will learn the ins and outs of how an animal rescue runs, how they find forever homes, how they feed animals, animal first aid and so much more.

Animal Fun Patch Requirements

Basic Water Safety

In this program you will learn basic water safety. You should always take a professional class for added safety. The information gained in this program will make you much more aware of your surroundings and hopefully teach you lots of things you didn’t know. BE SAFE!

Basic Water Safety Patch Requirements

Blood Donation

Girl Scouts come in all types! Yes, we do, and if you’re curious about what “type” you are this is the patch program for you. Learn all about blood. Learn how to donate, what the donations are used for, what parts of the blood are used for different things and visit a local blood bank to see it up close. You do not have to donate or find someone else to donate to complete this informational patch program.
Blood Donation Patch Requirements

California Native Plants

This is a program all about the native California plant life. Did you know that here in So Cal is located one of the world’s greatest expanses of Mediterranean ecosystems? Its only found in four places in the world! Discover so many unique facts about the plants of California! Low water landscaping, Native and invasive species, and find out the 411 on places in every region within our council’s jurisdiction available for Girl Scouts to visit.
California Native Plants Patch Requirements

Classroom 2 Career: Explore Your Future

Is college right for you? Is Tech school your thing? What is the difference in a college, a Jr. college and a university; a 2-year degree, a 4-year degree? What do I need to get into a good school? Do I have to stay local or can I apply somewhere else, even if I don’t live there? What paperwork do I need to apply for the things I need? Explore what is right for you and make your decision.
Classroom 2 Career: Explore Your Future Patch Requirements

Community Builders

This program works directly with marketing and community networking. Be a reporter on the spot and take the pics then write the story. Work directly with our Marketing Department to get your story published on our website!
Community Builders Patch Requirements

Curious Creatures and Critters of Camping

This program will identify common critters and creatures that crawl, fly, sting, bite, slither and sneak up on you. These are the things native to Southern California. It will address the basics of how to avoid and how to walk away from critters, and how to provide basic first aid when and if needed.
Curious Creatures and Critters of Camping Requirements


Daisy Cookies
Daisy Food
Daisy Girl Scout Traditions
Daisy Hometown
Daisy State

Identify with your own heritage, traditions and customs, and learn about others at the same time. Learning these basic things about each other can help us to understand each other so much better. Understanding is the key to knowledge, while diversity is the key to healthy, harmonious living.
Diversity Patch Requirements

Emergency Preparedness

By completing this patch program girls will learn to:  identify local risks and potential emergencies, connect with local community service agencies, understand hazards and appropriate protective actions, learn local alerts and warning systems, prepare themselves and their families in case of emergency, deal with emotional responses to an emergency situation, discover how to get trained and become involved in community emergency planning, and explore additional resources available in their own community.
Emergency Preparedness Patch Requirements

Food is your Friend

This program teaches you how to read labels, choose healthy options, and prepare food properly. Just how many pyramids are there? Well…there is a junk food pyramid, a standard USDA pyramid, a vegetarian pyramid and a vegan pyramid. Don’t claim to be a vegetarian or a vegan without understanding what it’s all about. BE HEALTHY! If you’re going to do it then do it right. Learn the ABC’s of nutrition. Air for Fitness, Build a Healthy Base and Choose Sensibly. Understand what your body needs and how to provide it in a healthy manner.
Food is your Friend Patch Requirements

Girls Can Cook

This is a program teaching the basics of cooking. Use and storage of herbs and spices. Basic cooking safety and languages of the culinary arts. Types of cooking, styles of cooking, ways of cooking--it goes on and on. Learn to use cooking measurements and substitutions. What are Power Foods? What is cross contamination? How do I create, plan, shop for and prepare a healthy meal? How do I set a proper table? Which fork do I use? Learn both casual and formal settings!
Girls Can Cook Patch Requirements

Girls on Target

Learn about the history of firearms, the laws, interesting careers, safety and sports related to the use of firearms. Learn the do’s and don’ts of handling a gun; discover the technology of gunsmiths, sighting and shooting. Juliette Gordon Low said, “Scouts should know how to load and fire a gun or other firearm so as not to be at a loss for means of defense should an emergency arise. It is one of the best means to ’be prepared‘ and a small rifle affords excellent training for the hand and eye!” This patch program requires specific permission from the CEO should you decide to proceed with its completion after reviewing the outline.
Girls on Target Patch Requirements

Girls Rock Self Esteem

This is a self-reflection program. This program is designed especially for you to see how you grow as an individual. If you start it as a Daisy or Brownie, you will discover lots of cool things about yourself. As you grow and become Juniors, Cadets, Seniors and Ambassadors, redo the questions and see the changes as you grow.
Girls Rock Self Esteem Patch Requirements

Guide Dog

This is an educational patch program to facilitate knowledge and understanding of Guide Dogs for the Blind. It requires research from your library or online, and includes fun activities to help you develop a better understanding of the use of Guide Dogs and just how important they are in the lives of the blind.
Guide Dog Patch Requirements

H20 Explorer

This program deals with the basics of water. Where does the water come from when you turn on the faucet? What does it mean to conserve water? What are Water Wise plants? Discover different kinds of water and how water is cleaned. Learn the history of our council; did you know that in the early 1900s Riverside was the wealthiest city per capita in the nation because of citrus…which by the way could not have grown without irrigation systems.
H2O Explorer Patch Requirements

Hiking Etiquette

Learn the 7 Leave No Trace Principles.  Discover the basic rules of the Hiking Road.  Learn how to choose the right path, how to stay warm if caught in an emergency situation and lots of fun ideas for adventurous hikes.
Hiking Etiquette Patch Requirements


By earning the Justice Patch, girls will develop a sense of fairness, an understanding of why we have laws, and how laws can be changed.  Girls will learn how laws are designed to help people, as well as the role of lawyers and judges in the community.
Justice Patch Requirements

The Living Desert

This is a program related to the Living Desert located in the Low Desert and the history of the region. Discover the history of the Coachella Valley and the Cahuilla Indians, and learn about some endangered species in our area.
The Living Desert Patch Requirements

The Lovely Ladies of Literature

Learn how to navigate your local library. This is a forgotten skill these days. Discover the world of reading and connect with others who like to travel the world through books and their imagination. Find out how you can help introduce the world of reading to someone else.
The Lovely Ladies of Literature Patch Requirements

Mysteries of the Night Sky

Discover the great women from around the world who helped forge the way to space. Learn about their contributions to the space race and discover how NASA is preparing women today for the jobs of the future in space.
Mysteries of the Night Sky Fun Patch Requirements

Outdoor Skills

This is a five-level patch program that concentrates on outdoor camping skills and the principles of Leave No Trace. No matter how old or young you are, you will begin at level 1, or the beginner level. Then you will work up to the Intermediate level, the advanced level, the apprentice level and finally the master level.
Outdoor Skills Fun Patch Requirements

Roberts Rules of Order

If you plan on joining a student group, running for class office or just want to be prepared when you attend a city meeting, this is the program for you! Learn the basics of parliamentary procedures with this patch program. You will never be confused again when it comes to making a motion, tabling a motion, calling for a vote or deferring to a committee. What is involved in volunteering to run a committee? Find out and be ready to take the lead!
Roberts Rules of Order Fun Patch Requirements

STEM for Starters

Women make up more than half of the United States college-educated work force. However, less than 35% of these women are in STEM-based fields. This STEM 4 Starters patch program will give young women an introduction into the world of STEM. The program will help give young women the opportunity to try simple experiments, decode messages, learn basic circuitry, build stable structures, and even tackle math equations. STEM 4 Starters gives young women the courage to explore different components and opportunities that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics can offer.
STEM for Starters Patch Requirements

STEM Can Make You Fly

Learn all about the parts of small aircraft and the forces of flight: lift, thrust, weight and drag. Discover aviation-related women’s groups, and learn all about downloading a flight simulator on your computer to complete this patch program! How do planes fly at night? What is GPS and what makes it work? Do you need instruments to fly a plane? Find out these answers and lots more!
STEM Can Make You Fly Patch Requirements

Take A Chance

Ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur? Well take a chance and find out what is involved. This program will detail the aspects of becoming an entrepreneur. Suggestions on types of business plans, how to build a business plan and a checklist for what you need to do if you think becoming a business owner is for you!
Take a Chance Patch Requirements

Teen Tips

Part 1:
We want you to be the best you can be, so here is an easy way to get started! Learn why basic hygiene is a must. Review the simple things like bathing, washing and combing your hair.  Simple things like how to wear perfume are not so simple until someone takes the time to show you. Learn proper techniques to wash your face, learn about dry, oily and combination skin, talk about brushing your teeth and just how bad breath can affect how people talk to you. Learn how to dress properly for your body type and color. Talk about skin tones, color palettes for make-up and clothes, color balancing, and  how to accessorize properly. What is good for a job interview? Well, we are going to show you.
Teen Tips Part 1 Patch Requirements

Part 2
Now that you’re prepared to be interviewed, learn the skills you need to get that interview! Learn how to properly fill out an application. What is the difference between a cover letter and a letter of introduction? How do I fill out a résumé? This 2-part program puts all the pieces together!
Teen Tips Part 2 Patch Requirements

The Tooth Fairy

Is someone you know losing their teeth? Why do people lose their teeth? Where did the idea of the tooth fairy come from? What are teeth made of? How strong are my teeth if they fall out? What is the difference in baby teeth and grown up teeth? So many questions to answer. Well…don’t worry, this is the program for you to learn the answers to these and many other questions. After completing this patch, you can tell your dentist how much you learned!
The Tooth Fairy Patch Requirements

When the Human Mind and STEM Collide

Discover the rich history of aviation and the famous women associated with it. Learn the progression of flight and imagine what futuristic aircraft might look like. Discover how the human body develops limitations during flight…discover careers in the field of aviation that have nothing to do with actually flying! Crazy, right? This is a program loaded with just as many questions as answers.
When the Human Mind and STEM Collide Patch Requirements

Why College?

This program helps you to prepare yourself in high school for college. Freshman to Senior year prep. What should I do as a Freshman to get ready for college?  Is there a checklist to follow so I don’t miss anything? How about my Sophomore, Junior and Senior years.  When do I do what??? Don’t be confused. Just follow the outline in this simple program to get yourself on track and stay on track!
Why College? Patch Requirements