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Super Skyland Days - Archery, Songs & Traditions

Sat Jun 11, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
All girls and adults
Camp and Outdoors
Daisy, Cadette, Senior, Adult, Brownie, Junior, Ambassador
Girl Fee:
$22/child; $5 for adults includes lunch
Adult Fee:

Kids must attend with an adult

This is also a weekend camp if you want more fun!

Calling all campers!! Picture this: You nock an arrow onto a bow, hook your fingers around the string, draw it back, eye your target, and release! Bull’s-eye! Archery is an exciting sport that takes strength, focus, good form, and practice. Come to Skyland Ranch to challenge yourself as you build your archery skills and learn how to shoot on a range. Campers will spend the day learning about archery and other target sports/activities!  Including the science behind it.

And more…

Come learn about and share in some favorites Girl Scouts songs, traditions and ceremonies.  We will sing, play and create in the Girl Scout Way and even make SWAPS to share and take home!


Includes a patch, lunch, snack, prizes, and all the activities. Cost for Adults/Kids 4 and under is for patch and food.


Super Skyland Days are a day of themed fun. Skyland Days includes a patch and all the activities plus some food. Kids may attend as part of a group (w/adult), child/adult couple or as a family. Everyone is welcome; no membership required.

For all kids in K-12 and their families.