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Olvera Street by Train

Sat Apr 02, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
6th - 12th
Program Activities, Travel
Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Girl Fee:

Ride the train with us from San Bernardino to Union Station. From there we’ll explore the historical landmarks at the “birthplace of Los Angeles” with a scavenger hunt and eat authentic Mexican food for lunch. If there’s time, stop at a museum or two that share the culture and history of the area. Olvera street is home to some of the oldest buildings in Los Angeles. Drop off and pick-up will be at the San Bernardino Transit Center.

Fee includes train fare, lunch, and lot's of fun!


Covid Safety requirement:  

We will follow any and all covid documentation requirements provided by our vendors.

A face mask must be worn at all times while in attendance by girls and adults when indoors and outside when a 6 foot distance cannot be maintained, unless eating or drinking. 


Themed Bundled Experiences 

This experience is one one of our in-person trips for our Camp/Outdoor themed bundle.

The bundle includes 1 virtual and 1 in-person experience each month through May and 1 in-person multi-day summer program.

Virtual meetings include games, activities, and discussions on a specific topic in the theme.  In-person experiences will include weekend day trips that may include activities at Camp Skyland Ranch, Museums, Whale Watching, Art Experiences, Tide Pools, Theater, and more.

Themed Troop Package Options choose one type of package

  • Virtual Package - Includes all virtual meetings for chosen theme, In-person can be registered for as a la carte items ~$22-$50 per in person event + $650 summer experience
    • $50 each theme
  • All Inclusive Package -  Include all virtual meetings, all single day in-person experiences per theme and 1 multi-day summer experience for chosen theme
    • $1000 - Camp/Outdoors, STEM 

Follow this link for more information and to link to register for a Themed Troop Package 

Refunds for packages will not be available for individual events and activities. Alternate trip options will be offered where possible to accommodate any events missed by participant.