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San Francisco Crew Adventure

Fri Sep 02, 10:00 AM - Sun Sep 04, 8:00 PM
Wed Dec 01, 12:00 AM - Fri Jul 15, 12:00 AM
Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Girl Fee:
$650/Girl Scout; $675/non-Girl Scout
Adult Fee:

Take one of the program department world wind trips.  Arrive at the airport or train station on Friday evening (after school) and go on a Girl Scout adventure to San Francisco!  Girls in the travel troop will be planning what we do and how we get there.  It might include Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, Aquarium, and more.  It is up to the girls; if additional girls want to join in the planning we will have a zoom meeting just after registration closes. 

*Participants are 6th-12th grade; Some space available for 9-12th grade program aides; price is the same.


Age: 6th -12th grade*
Date: Sept 2-4, 2022 (Friday – Sunday); ~6pm ~ 8:00pm
Cost: $650 per girl; $675 for non-Girl Scouts


Fee includes:  Meals, activities, sleeping space, transportation, and lots of fun.

NOTE:  Refund exception; in addition to our typical refund policy once funds have been paid to outside vendors your portion of the amount paid is also not eligible for refund even if our normal refund policy would allow it.  For instance if we paid $100 to hold an experience based on existing registrations and you decide you cannot attend then we cannot reimburse you money we do not have (this particularly applies to hotels and rafting at this time); we will work with you to try and get a refund from the company if possible.