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2022 Destination Unknown: Mom & Me

Fri Apr 22, 5:30 PM - Sun Apr 24, 7:30 PM PST
Program Activities, Travel
Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador, Adult, Daisy, Brownie, Family
Girl Fee:

Note:  Full vaccinations or negative PCR test will be required for all participants.  Also be prepared to wear masks in cars with non-family members*.  This is all subject to change as we will be following guidelines from the Calfironia Department of Public Health and whatever county we will be doing activities in.  They are expecting our current surge to wane by mid-February; however, none of us really know what will happen.  


Back by popular demand – a mom & me weekend.  Drive yourself or be driven all weekend! Sign up as a troop or as individual parents/daughters.

Take off on a secret all girls weekend adventure to an unknown destination with all your Girl Scout and non-Girl Scout friends; led by trained camp counselors.  Cars will each get clues as to the next destination with directions to the fun and a challenge once they arrive.  Where are we going?  Well that is a secret, no hints are given.  Destination is Unknown, but start and end at Redlands Service Center (1751 Plum Lane).  Visit the calendar description more info on placement.

Age: All Girl Scouts and a female adult
Date/Time: April 22-24, 2022; 8:30am ~ 8:00pm (Saturday – Sunday)*
Cost:     $700 per couple - Unshared Room*
            $325 per Additional Girl in same room

Fee includes:  Meals, activities, sleeping space, optional transportation, and lots of fun.

*Friday night is an optional overnight with a movie and plenty of floor space (girls may stay on their own or with their mom); continental breakfast will be provided; discount available if you decide to share a room with another mother/daughter pair that you arrange.


Questions ? Email

Please note:  If you are sharing a room with another girl/adult pair pick the additional girl and adult to get the discounted pricing.  

NOTE:  Refund exception*; in addition to our typical refund policy once funds have been paid to outside vendors your portion of the amount paid is also not eligible for refund even if our normal refund policy would allow it.  For instance if we paid $100 to hold an experience based on existing registrations and you decide you cannot attend then we cannot reimburse you money we do not have (this particularly applies to hotels and rafting at this time); we will work with you to try and get a refund from the company if possible.


*I will check in with everyone in late February before I book rooms to ensure we do not have any cancelations due to the pandemic.   As for mask mandates and seperate cars I will be doing some thinking on what to do to ensure this is still an interactive girl experience that allows kids to not only participate with a parent but also with each other even if parents feel safest choosing to socially distance.