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LIT SESSION: SR6: July 6-8 (3 day)

Wed Jul 06, 9:00 AM - Fri Jul 08, 1:00 PM
Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Girl Fee:

Under the supervision of the unit camp counselors join us this summer to be part of our camp team as a Leader-In-Training. 

Program Notes:

  • Girls will recieve on-the-job training as a camp counselor as well as additional training and fun. If girls would like a full camper experience they are encouraged to participate in a traditional camp session designed for Cadette, Seniors and Ambassador Girl Scouts.
    • Once at camp they are assigned a unit to work with girls who are younger then themselves and helping facilitate program.
  • Girls will be required to participate in training prior to arriving at camp.  This training will share what to expect and help girls prepare to be an active part of the camp session.  Once at camp girls will be placed directly in to a unit with a group of girls.  The training is etither in-person session (June 4-5) or an online zoom session with video training (see dates below) or a combination of both. For those who participated last year; we have a LIT director who will be facilitating training.
  • Girls register as an LIT in the registration process girls will choose the week or more they would like to be one of the Leader-in-Trainings.  
  • Girl Scouts in High School will be eligible to earn either the CIT1 or CIT2 award.
  • Note:  Girls who have completed CIT1 & CIT2 and entering 12th grade may apply as an apprentice (internship) at Camp Skyland Ranch for summer 2022; email for the application link..  Girls who have graduated High School regardless of the Girl Scout training program they completed are elgible to apply for staff; we give preferential treatment to those who completed CIT with us if they apply early.


Transportation/Camp-Time:  Regardless of the sessions they attend everyone is off Sunday night and girls won't be able to stay at camp at this time with the exception of July 10 and July 24; if campers register for the extended camp experience we will stay at camp with them.  Transportation will be provided for the 5-day leadership camps from Redlands (Monday mornings back Friday afternoon).



LIT Training Dates:  We want girls to come ready to participate fully in the camp session they are an LIT.  Therefore girls either need to attend 2 zoom sessions prior to their program OR they can attend in-person camp.  In addition their are videos available for specific camp skills (required for zoom trainees):

  • Camp Options:
    • April 30-May 1 at camp.  Start at 10am Saturday and finish (11am Sunday). 
      • Girls may arrive Friday night if prefered; program starts saturday morning.
    • June 15-17 at camp.  Start at 5pm Wednesday and finish (5pm Thursday night).  
    •     Girls may ride the bus up on Wednesday and back on Friday if prefered.  They may also stay until Saturday if they choose to volunteer for openhouse.
  • Zoom Attendees choose one Session 1 and one Session 2 date:
    • Session 1:  June 3 (4-5pm) or June 9 (4-5pm) (block 1.5 hrs in case we go over)
    • watch videos before coming to Session 2
    • Session 2:  June  9 (5-7pm) or June 11 (9-11) (block the 2 hours)
  • Other:  Share your training hopes on your registration




  • Payment of the deposit must be paid in full upon registration or your registration will be canceled.
    • The person registering will receive a reminder via email and phone prior to cancelation (if voicemail is not set-up we will try to call you twice then cancel the registration).
    • If you are using cookie/nutty dough that does not cover the entire deposit due an invoice will be emailed to the person registering stating the balance due; the remaining deposit owed will need to paid within 5 business days of invoice.  This statement typically goes out within 10 business days of registration date).
    • If you are paying using check, cash or money order please pay within 5 business days of registration. 
    • If you are using credit card please use the registration site.
  • This is for in-person overnight camp.  We are still uncertain on available space; if we discover we can allow more campers we will add more spots.
  • All camp is contingent upon current health department criteria; we are in contact with the health department to collaborate on camp operation this summer.  As with the rest of California business we expect to be able to continue operating; however, the safety of our children is our priority.  If we are unable to offer camp due to a resurgence of the virus we will inform families ASAP.  Please check our website for our current policies and procedures related to cancelations and refunds.
  • The balance is due 4 weeks prior to the camp program.  
  • If your plans change you can log-in to make changes to your campers program including canceling (pending availability).
  • There is a wait list for each program intentionally as we are uncertain on safety guidelines by this summer.  8 girls per closed cabin and 12 per open air space is our best guess on availability; if we are able to add more girls we will offer spots to the girls on the waitlist first.
  • Please note if overnight in person camp is not for your family at this time we will have a variety of other outdoor and virtual opportunities this summer.
  • Negative vaccination or negative PCR test is not required at this time (as of Dec 2021); however, this may be required by the California Health Department closer to camp.


Please email with any questions. 

Adult Volunteer Opportunities are available if you are interested please email so a case can be created for your interest.