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Program Aide Training

Sat Aug 07, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Wed Jun 30, 2:18 PM - Mon Aug 02, 2:18 PM
Program Activities, Training
Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
High Desert Service Center
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Designed to foster the development of basic leadership skills and to give girls a basis for working with younger girls.  Topics include basic understanding of Girl Scout program, developmental characteristics of younger girls, and the role and responsibilities of the Program Aide.  Additionally, participants will learn how to select, plan, and present age-appropriate activities and use problem-solving strategies.  

Get on the road to leadership by becoming a trained PROGRAM AIDE.  This training prepares girls to work, plan and be leaders at troop meetings, field trips with younger girls, day camps and, events at the local, regional and Council level.  Girls will learn how to interact with younger girl scout troops, work with leaders and adults and, prepare themselves as future leaders.   

Learn about different styles of leadership, leadership qualities, and techniques for working with younger girls.