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Basic Outdoor Training

Sat Jun 27, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Private Residence
Wed Feb 19, 2:33 PM - Wed Jun 17, 9:00 PM
Camp and Outdoors, Training
High Desert
Adult Fee:
Minimum Attendance:

The troop must have at least one registered, background cleared adult who has completed this training when the activity is 24-hours or more. Class must be taken a minimum of 60 days in advance of your scheduled event or activity. Class will include cooking, safety, leave no trace, policies and procedures, GSSGC requirements for overnight stay, trip preparation and planning for outdoor activities.

This is a two part class. Part 1 is completed online with material that MUST be downloaded, quizzes completed with a 90% pass rate and completed homework to bring to BOT-Part 2 where it will be review. BOT – Part 2 is where the hands on activities will take place. You will not be allowed to attend BOT-Part 2 if you have not completed the online portion (BOT-Part 1).