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AT-12A: Star Wars vs Star Trek

Mon Jul 29, 9:00 AM - Thu Aug 01, 1:30 PM PST
Camp Skyland Ranch (Checkin/out at Redlands Office, 1751 Plum Lane, Redlands, CA 92374) Map
Mon Oct 01, 12:15 AM - Tue Jul 09, 11:45 PM PST
Camp and Outdoors
Junior, Cadette, Senior, Brownie
Girl Fee:
Adult Fee:

Session Name:  Session AT-12A:  Star Wars vs Star Trek

Age Level:  Entering Grades 2-9

Cost:  $450 per participant 

Includes:  All Program materials & activities, patch, meals & snacks, transportation, lodging, & trained camp counselors as chaperones.


To boldly go where no one has gone before. The blending of Star wars and Star Trek into one epic camp session. Fencing and Light Sabers , Star Gazing and “exploring” new worlds, scientific experiments to discover the flaws of the Death Star, deciding are phasers or Photon torpedoes more effective,  trekking through “alien” worlds using only your communicators to communicate between your ship mates. The blending of two “universes” Star Trek and Star Wars will lend itself to a memorable science fiction filled universe exploring session. Do or do not there is no try…join us and become one with the force

Volunteer Opportunity:  Limited space for Adult Volunteers must be background screened and additional training is required prior to the weekend.  Adult volunteers are free & can request funds from the volunteer fund to cover a portion of their daughter’s camp fees.  Visit for the current process to apply.

Due to the ongoing road work on the mountain, all of the session at Azalea Trails have been moved to Skyland Ranch.