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Extended Trip Training-Bridging Juniors

Thu Oct 18, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Low Desert Service Center Map
Wed Sep 12, 1:30 AM - Wed Oct 10, 9:00 PM
Training, Travel
Low Desert Region

This is a required training for all 5th Grade Junior leaders who plan to travel with their Bridging Juniors to San Francisco and must be taken at least 3 months prior to planned trip. Class includes money earning, budgeting, travel procedures, packing, and travel etiquette. Required paperwork and deadlines will be covered.

ETT Bridging Series does NOT take the place of the required full ETT training for Cadettes and above to plan extended trips. As stated in policies and procedures, ALL girls and adults participating in an extended trip MUST take the full ETT training. Full ETT training is restricted to Cadette Girl Scouts and above.