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Fall Program Tools

Hey Girl Scouts! Need tools to run your business and reach your goals? We have you covered. Check out our Food for Thought Magazine and the links below for all the info you need to reach for success. Happy goal-getting!


Food for Thought Magazine



Kindness Campaign Fall – it’s all about our girls!

At cookies we highlight the kindness done to one another for our adults. This Fall we are kicking off our kindness campaign for girls! In our socially distanced world it is so important to lift one another up with kind words, kind deeds and kind actions. Our “It’s Not Nuts to be Kind” Patch is earned by girls and adults nominating girls for the goodness they do. While the patch is super nice to have on your uniform, the best part is we will send out the kind words written to that girl so she knows she was noticed being a sister to every girl scout, in her community and in her world.

Nominate a Girl Today!

Fall Fun Contests


Troop Group Avatar Photo Contest:

Build your avatars and post your troops group photo on our GSSGC Facebook when we post the contests.

What can you win?

10 winning troops announced November 24 –2 troops per region will win 2 safety booth kits. Each kit contains one Separator Display, one set of giant cookie boxes, five face shields, one rainbow handle tote and one roll-a-banner (pictured below minus the face shields)

Don’t know how to build your Avatar? Directions are in your guide and your M2 account will also prompt you through the process. But here are some handy tips…

Virtual Rewards thought M2OS:

Girls can also earn up to 10 Virtual Rewards throughout the program just by completing steps such as uploading photos to customize your sales, creating your personalized avatar, and after selling her first magazine and nut/chocolate items!

Check out the personalized Me2TM avatars that your friends and Troop Product Coordinator creat by clicking View Your Troop Photo!

Troop Product Coordinators can also View Troop Photo through their Troop Account to see the avatar the Troop's Girl Scouts have created! What a great marketing tool!

Magazine Top Seller

Have you always wanted a giant plush sloth so big you could use it as a chair. Be the magazine top seller (determined by dollar amount sold) for fall 2020 and that dream can and will come true!

Resources & Links
Fall Training Registration - Opens August 24, 2020

In order to participate in the 2020 Fall Product Program, it is mandatory that one registered adult from each troop becomes a Product Coordinator and completes the online training. The Product Coordinator does not need to be a Troop Leader, but must be a registered adult for the 2020-2021 membership year and have a current, cleared background check on file.

Online training is scheduled to open on September 8, 2020. Once the Product Coordinator registers and *eligibility is confirmed, training access will be created every Tuesday and Friday starting September 8, 2020.

  • Training completion on or before September 21, 2020 - Coordinators will be able to attend material pick-up on September 24, 2020 and begin the program on time (October 1, 2020)
  • Training completion after September 21, 2020 may result in starting the program after the start date.
  • Training completion after October 19, 2020 will result in Online ONLY Program Participation.
  • Materials pick up for coordinators will be contactless.

*Only ONE representative (Product Coordinator) from each troop will have access to the online training in gsLearn. Access to training will only be available once the Coordinator is cleared as eligible: Coordinators must have active 2020-2021 membership and a current, cleared background check on file.

Register Today!


Image of Touchless Keyring Trainging Incentive
New this year! Training Incentive

We are so excited about our fall program for our girls. Shockingly only 44% of troops participate in fall, that's crazy right? This year JUST for taking the fall training you will receive this useful gift as a thanks from us JUST for hearing what the program offers. We believe if more troops hear how easy it is more troops will participate.

Training incentive available at cookie materials pick-up January 2021 - date TBD.

One incentive per troop only and training must be completed by October 19 to qualify.


Financial Literacy

Learn all about Financial Literacy through the Fall Product Program! This handy guide expain what the program is all about and what badges you can earn while participating.

Goal Chart

Set your goals for the Fall Product Program and check them off as you go. This chart will keep you on track and motivated to get your goal!

Sloth Coloring Page

Enjoy this fun coloring page with the 2020 theme animal the sloth!

Fall Program 2020 Activities

Looking for great activities centered around the Fall Product Program? Look no further! This guide will give you lots of fun learning activities to explore during the Fall Program.

Forms & Manuals


I Care Receipt
Donation receipt for customers.

Order Card - Coming Soon!
Fall Program 2020 Girl Order Card.

Product Donation Agreement
Used when product is donated to another organization.

Product Pick Up Substitute - Coming Soon!
Needed any time someone other than the Product Coordinator recieves Product.


Fall Program Family Guide


Important Dates

Important Fall Dates

 September 8, 2020  Online Coordinator Training Opens    
 October 1, 2020  Fall Program Begins
 October 26, 2020  
 Initial Order Taking Ends (Online Girl Delivery) 
 November 7-8, 2020  MODIFIED MEGA DROP
 November 16, 2020  Fall Program Ends
 November 20-23, 2020     
 Fall Virtual Paper Push  

* Dates may be subject to change.


Important Upcoming Cookie Dates

 October 15, 2020              
 Gluten Free Cookie Preorder due               
 November 20, 2020  Cookie Training Opens
 December 14, 2020    Initial Order Due
 January 23, 2021  Mega Drop
 January 24, 2021  Cookie Program Begins
 March 14, 2021  Cookie Program Ends
 March 20, 2021  Virtual Paper Push Begins (For Coordinators)     

* Dates may be subject to change.


Ready to support a girl reaching her goals? Look for your local participating Girl Scout to renew or purchase magazines, buy delicious nut & candies or amazing gift items.

Don't know any local Girl Scouts? Reach out to Product Sales to get connected.

Thank you for your continued support in helping our future leaders reach their goals!