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Fall 2021 Program Hero

Fall Program Rewards

Fall Program is a great way to get your Girl Scout year started and earn some amazing rewards…both for your girl and for your troop! Check out our fun lineup below!

Girl Rewards

Combined Sales includes ALL Nuts and Candies, I Care and Magazines. Reward items are subject to change or substitution based on availability and without notice. Rewards are cumulative unless otherwise stated.

  • $100+ Combined Sales

    Penguin Pen OR Color Changing Straw with Case

  • $200+ Combined Sales

    Theme Zipper Pouch

  • $300+ Combined Sales

    Travel Game Set OR Small Plush Penguin

  • $400+ Combined Sales

    Ice Pop Mold OR Swapable Popsocket

  • $500+ Combined Sales

    Satin Sleep Bonnet & Scrunchie OR Penguin Manicure Set

  • $600+ Combined Sales

    Charger Travel Kit with Case OR Bottle Sling Bag


  • $700+ Combined Sales

    Large Penguin Plush OR Handwarmer

  • $800+ Combined Sales

    LED Nightlight OR Bluetooth Beanie

  • $900+ Combined Sales

    Create Custom Socks OR Adopt a Penguin & Penguin Charm

  • $1000+ Combined Sales

    18oz. Personalized Yeti OR Create a Custom Planner

  • $1500+ Combined Sales

    Snow Cone Maker Kit OR Folding Moon Chair

  • $2000+ Combined Sales

    Heated Blanket Poncho OR Photo Printer Bundle

  • $3000+ Combined Sales

    Amazon Fire HD10 Plus with Wireless Charging Dock OR Owlcrate 6 Month Subscription

  • $4000+ Combined Sales

    Personalized Neon Sign

  • $5000+ Combined Sales

    Polaroid Photo Booth

  • 2021 Theme Patch

    20+ Nut/Candy Items Sold

  • Rise Up Patch

    $75+ Combined Sales


  • Penguin Iceberg Patch

    5+ Magazine Items Sold


  • I Care Patch

    10+ I Care Items Sold


  • Online Patch

    15+ Emails Sent

  • Avatar Patch

    To earn, create your avatar, Send at least 1 email to launch your online campaign and Reach $300+ in combined sales

  • Cookie Crossover Patch

    To earn, create your avatar in the Fall, send 15+ emails and sell $75+ in combined sales in M2 in Fall 2021, sell 24+ boxes of cookies and send 15+ Direct-Ship emails during Cookies 2022.

Nutty Dough
Nutty-Cookie Dough Fall 2021
 $450+ Combined Sales
 $20 Dough Earned
 $550+ Combined Sales    $40 Dough Earned
 $650+ Combined Sales $60 Dough Earned
$750+ Combined Sale $80 Dough Earned
$850+ Combined Sales $100 Dough Earned
$950+ Combined Sales $125 Dough Earned
$1250+ Combined Sales $150 Dough Earned

*Nutty Dough is NOT cumulative


Troop Rewards & Proceeds

Troop Rewards

  • $450+ PGA Reward

    PGA* Girl Reward Collapsible Camping Mug

  • $1500+ Combined Troop Sales and send PGE blast

    Coordinator Reward** Create your own Avatar Patch

    $3000+ Combined Sales
    Coordinator Reward

    Bladeless Neck Fan & Collapsible Mug


  • Volunteer Patch

    2 per participating troop

*Troop must have a minimum of 3 participating girls to qualify for PGA reward.
**Coordinators must send Parent launch email to qualify for custom patch.

Participation Reward

Pin that reads Super Entrepreneur 2020 and has a sun, cloud, fox and sloth depicted


Every girl that participates* in BOTH the 2021 Cookie Program and the 2021 Fall Product Program will receive a pin acknowledging her super entrepreneurial skills! Pins will be awarded during the 2021 Fall Reward distribution.


* participation means girls earn the program's theme patch or higher.


Troop Proceeds

Standard Plan Fall 2021
Standard Plan

15% of Total Sales for Nuts, Chocolates, Magazines & I Care.

Opt Out Fall 2021



Opt-out* Plan

Additional 10% of total sales added to Troop Proceeds (25% Total).

Bonus Proceeds Fall 2021



300+ PGA** Bonus Proceeds

Additional 5% of total sales added to Troop Proceeds

  • Standard Proceeds for Troop with $300+ PGA earn 20% of Totals Sales
  • Opt-Out* Proceeds for Troop with $300+ PGA earn 30 % of Total Sales


*Opt-out applies to the entire troop, who forfeit physical rewards, excluting patches, for additional proceeds.

**Troop must have a minimum of 3 participating girls to qualify for PGA Bonus Proceeds.



For more information, contact the Product Sales Department!