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  • Star Girls: A Girl Scout’s Quest

    Girl Reporter Alyssa covers a STEM event, Star Girls, while Girl Scouts abandon their regular uniforms for Empire robes and Wookie costumes.

    While waiting for everyone to arrive, the girls made Yoda origami and watched behind-the-scenes features from Rogue One played on a projector. It showed the special effects and work that went into the movie, including the animation of BB-8 and the actors behind the animal-like characters, such as Ponda Baba. The room was large with a galactic…

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  • G.I.G.: Girls Inspiring Girls– the Teen Advisory Committee Shows Us What They’re All About!

    The Teen Advisory Committee helps inspire leadership and community activism.

    Girl Scouts Teen Advisory Committee gathered to create new events for Girl Scouts of all ages. At a previous meeting, I got the chance to interview Mrs. Kim, the creator, and discuss why she decided to start the committee.  She expressed that she “knew older girls needed better programming.” She also believes the committee is important because, “it gives girls the important steps to run a program.” In order to successfully run a program, or to be able to teach something to your peers, you need to have good leadership qualities.

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  • Inland Regional Center Partners with Girl Scouts on Silver Award Service Project

    Girl Scout Troop 917 Creates Wagon Wheel Inspirational Garden as a Tribute to the Strength and Resilience of Inland Regional Center Staff

    On September 25, Girl Scout Troop 917 from San Jacinto, California, constructed their Silver Award Project, a multi-media sculpture titled, “Inland Regional Center Circle of Life – Forever Growing.” The sculpture, which will be permanently housed at the staff entrance to Inland Regional Center (IRC) is an inspirational garden in the shape of a wagon wheel, and features wood, mulch, rock and hand-painted stone elements. Also, adorning the sculpture are the words: believe, inspire, respect, hope, courage, love. These words are meant to encourage the 670 employees of IRC as they enter the building each day.

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  • The Wonder Behind Wonder Woman at Comic Con Palm Springs

    Girl Reporter Analyse visits Comic Con in Palm Springs, during Wonder Woman’s 75th birthday.

    Get ready to suit up… because that’s exactly what happened this past weekend when Comic Con made its debut at the Palm Springs Convention Center, August 26-28, 2016. More than 10,000 people attended this celebration of pop culture and comics. But that’s not all, Wonder Woman also turned 75 this year! They were celebrating the anniversary with a special panel.

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  • Girl Scouts Celebrate National S'mores Day with new S'mores Cookie

    The Girl Scouts are celebrating National S’mores Day by announcing their new Girl Scout S’mores cookies.

    National S'mores Day is a thing—celebrated August 10. And the Girl Scouts have a new cookie! “We’re combining two iconic Girl Scout traditions—s’mores and Girl Scout Cookies,” a statement on their website read Wednesday.

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  • CTB hosts Classroom to Career Day

    Communication Training Battalion partnered with Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council to host Classroom to Career day to encourage youth toward professional development and foster community relationships.

    More than 70 middle school students came to the Combat Center from San Bernardino and Riverside County to get a first-hand look at careers offered in the Marine Corps and Navy. Career volunteers from eight base organizations, including Robert E. Bush Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms, Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School, and 23rd Dental Company escorted the girls through their workplaces while answering informal questions and providing advice.

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  • GenCyber

    Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council gathered at the Califoria State University San Bernardino for the exciting, week-long day camp, GenCyber. Girls attended GenCyber to learn about cybersecurity and the joys of computer science.  One of the most interesting events during the week long camp was the Raspberry Pi microcomputer training.

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  • Girl Reporters Visit NBC Universal

    Girl Reporters of the San Gorgonio Council took a trip to NBC Universal Studios in Hollywood, California, to visit Today in LA’s set.

    On March 15, nine teenage girls took a trip to Universal Studios in Hollywood, California. They were Girl Reporters with the San Gorgonio Council and students from Colton High School with the Classroom To Career program. The group traveled down to NBC4 Southern California’s “Today In LA” studio and met Crystal Egger, who is the morning meteorologist, and Whit Johnson who is the morning news anchor.

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  • Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council purchases Skyland Ranch

    The Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council purchased Skyland Ranch in the San Jacinto Mountains. The camp was purchased from the council’s sister council, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles.  All Southern California Girl Scouts and other organizations serving Southern California will have access to the camp.

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  • Adventures at Space Camp

    Girl Reporter Avery of San Gorgonio Council participates in Advanced Space Camp, learning about space history, astronaut stimulators, mock missions, and Area 51. 

    While participating in the Advanced Space Camp Girl Scout Destinations I was faced with unforeseen challenges and inspiring adventures. Being able to learn about Space history, train on astronaut simulators, perform mock missions, connect with my team and crew trainer, and experience Area 51 was and will remain one of my most memorable summer events. One camp activity in particular helped change my perspective on testing personal boundaries and fears; the fifty-foot-high, gravity powered zip line.

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